This is HTML5 remake of famous puzzle game «Color Lines».

Base rules:

  • Color ball is the main element of the game. Ball is painted by a random of six colors.
  • Game runs on the field with size 9 on 9. Each cell can contain only one ball.
  • Player make a move by selecting a ball and then selecting an empty cell for moving it. There must be a direct way, connecting the source position of the ball and the destination cell.
  • If balls of the same color forms the shape, they removed from field and player gain the score. Shape depends on current game mode, in the simple case it's a line of 5 balls.
  • If shape is not formed, then three more random colored balls are spawned on the field.
  • Game ends, when there is no more empty cells on the field.

Game modes:

  • Lines: player should form up a line minimum of 5 balls. Line can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
  • Blocks: player should form up a square minium of 4 balls.
  • Snakes: player should form up a minium 7 balls with connection to each other, connection can be horizontal or vertical.

This project has mdae for education purposes. It's wrote on JavaScript (ES6), pixi.js. Assembled by babel and webpack.
I would happy to read any feedback and suggections.
Thanks! :)

PS: As you may notice, English is not my native language. Sorry for mistakes.

TagsCasual, html5, pixijs
Average sessionA few minutes

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